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Bio on Dr. Melanie Ann Hanson: Dr. Melanie Ann Hanson

A graduate of SDSU in California (BA) and UNLV in Nevada (MA, PhD), I will be celebrating my 37th year of teaching in secondary and post-secondary settings in September 2013. My most recent publication is the book " Decapitation and Disgorgement: The Female Body as Text in Early Modern English Drama and Poetry (8th volume in the series "Studies in English Literatures," Edited by Koray Melikoglu, published by Ibidem-Verlag, Hannover, Germany, September 2007). My personal interests include swimming, knitting, embroidery, cooking, home decorating, travel, letter writing, and the fine arts including painting, opera, ballet, and theatre. I have traveled to England, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, and Japan as well as taking a cruise down the Mississippi River and taking car trips all over the west coast and mid-western, southern, and south-western United States. I have a number of collections including figures by Lladro and Royal Dalton, limited edition plates, masks from my travels, Wizard of Oz and Betty Boop memorabilia, hummingbirds, and Japanese art and decor. I love Mexican, Italian, and Chinese food, but ice cream is at the top of my list of favorite foods. I am excited about working with the students of Barstow College.

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